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Remove Negative Energy Hanuman Mantra Lord Hanuman is known as the protector in Hindu Mythology. He is the safe guard from all problems. Lord Hanuman is popular for his courage, strength and war skills. Worshipping Lord Hanuman and chanting Hanuman mantra, gives courage to fight all hardships.
Hanuman Mantra
In Hindi:
ॐ ऐं ह्रीं हनुमते रामदूताय लंकाविध्वंसनाय अंजनी गर्भ संभूताय शाकिनी डाकिनी डाकिनी विध्वंसनाय किलिकिलि बुबुकारेण विभिषणाय हनुमद्देवाय ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं हौं हाँ फट् स्वाहा।।
Om Aing Hring Hanumate Ramdutay Lankavidhvansnay Anjani Garbh Sambhutay Shakini Dakini Dakini Vidhvanssnay Kilikili Bubukaren Vibhishanay Hanumaddevay Om Hring Shring Haung Ha Phat Swaha ||
People use this powerful hanuman mantra to remove negative energy. This mantra has the power to eradicate all negativities from your surroundings. Many people suffer from Griha Kalesh and have no peace in their family lives.
 This mantra is to remove all the negative energies that can possibly ruin a person’s peace. Negative energies can divert a person from his path of success. No mental peace can be the reason of the followings:
  1. Unsuccessful professional life – A person cannot get professional success if he is surrounded by negative energies, which is destroying his mental peace. You need to have a calm mind and fit body to excel in your career. People with hampered mental peace do not find themselves fit enough to work with various people and often face troubles at work.
  2. Unsuccessful academics – Peace of mind is also required for people who study. It is required for better concentration and focus on the studies.
  3. Conflicts in families – Negative energy around you can be the reason of daily quarrels at home, husband wife problems, fights between siblings etc.
  4. Delay in achievements – Negative energies delay what you deserve. You will not get your due appreciation due to the influence of negative energy in your life. It delays marriages, child birth, visa and others.
Chant Hanuman Mantra to get rid of all negative energies from your life. Chant the above mentioned mantra on every Tuesday to achieve mental peace and strength.
Protection from evil spirits/evil eye
A person’s life can be destroyed by evil spirits or evil eyes. Several enemies cast spell on you with an intention to hinder your life. Chant Hanuman mantra to remove all such evil spirits from your life.
Chant this mantra “ॐ हनुमते नमः | Om Hanumate Namah” to secure your life from all evils. Repeat the mantra in your mind anywhere. This mantra will give you positive spirit and protect you from evil eyes.
What Is Hanuman Mantra to Remove Black Magic?
Like many Hanuman mantras, the Mantra to remove black magic is very useful as it fights against all evils. The black magic spells are evil practices that people use to harm others. These harmful spells may also include ever dangerous Voodoo mantras.
Purely Hindu by faith and practice, the Hanuman mantras are very powerful. They have amazing power to do wonders. The users can save them from all evil mantras that people cast on them. Of course, they need to follow the methods in the right manner to get the right effects.
Who Can Use the Power of Hanuman Mantra?
The Hindus believe that the Hanuman mantra can save them from all dangers. Everyone can use the mantra that needs to protect him from all harms. Following are some of cases when following the mantras can yield complete safety and security:
  1. People who face troubles with black magic can use Hanuman Mantra to remove black magic.
  2. When they feel unsafe in their everyday life can get Hanuman mantra to remove obstacles.
  3. You can use the best Hanuman mantra when you feel the presence of enemies around you.
  4. People can even try the mantra when they find it difficult to overcome the negative forces.
  5. When they face troubles in the business or jobs, they can use the Hanuman mantra.
Understanding the Mantra and its Utilities is the Key:
While speaking about the powerful Hanuman mantra to remove black magic, people need to be very careful. They must understand that they must stop any misuse of the mantra. This can cause them negative impact too. Being very careful, people need to understand that all mantras are not same. They need to consider the following:
  1. All problems are not same
  2. These problems cannot have same solutions
  3. They must contact the best astrologer or religious teacher to get the right mantra
  4. Use of the best mantra for their kind of situation.
  5. The users must understand the meaning of the mantra as it helps them to concentrate.
The Effectiveness of Hanuman Mantra:
People must know and appreciate the power of Hanuman mantra very well. They need to have a deep faith in the mantra. Like others, you can use the effective mantra in the following situations:
  1. When you feel that your astrological reading are not running well
  2. In case you feel the impact of black magic spell on you
  3. If you feel the impact of voodoo spell on you and your family
  4. When people face failures on a regular basis
  5. In case you become a victim of dangerous voodoo spell
What Is Negative Energy and How Does it Affect Humans?
Negative energy relates us to the situation when everything goes in the negative manner. The situation can never leave people happy and satisfied. In addition, people lose their mental peace, and the situation becomes a mess. Usually, the negative energy disturbs you when someone creates a spell against you. It can harm people in many ways. Following are a few of them:
  1. Unsuccessful life, especially the one that relates a person to his profession.
  2. Bad or unstable academics that prevent people to get the best education. They actually the peace of mind that is essential for academics.
  3. Conflicts in the family leave a massive impact here. People must never indulge in it or they may keep them ready with the Hanuman Mantra.
  4. Delayed achievements often leave people badly affected.
What Makes these Mantras Powerful?
Quite understandably, these mantras get their power from Hanuman, the Lord. He is Almighty and has amazing divine powers. The blessings of the Hanuman or Bajrang Bali make most of the Hanuman mantras amazingly powerful. Besides, the devotees have deep faith in these mantras, especially the Hanuman Mantra to destroy enemies and remove obstacles. If people practice these mantras carefully, then they are sure to get rid of the harmful impact of evil charms or voodoo spells.
What People Should Remember Before Using the Right Hanuman Mantra?
Though Hanuman mantras never harm anyone, people of these mantras should never seek any harm to anyone. Besides this, they should keep a few more things in their mind:
  1. They should find the right mantra
  2. The mantra should be suggested by an expert religious priest or charmer.
  3. People must perform the mantras in the purest form.
  4. They should follow the right rituals that the priest suggests.
  5. Use of the right ingredients can enhance the impact of the best Hanuman Mantra to remove obstacles and negativity/evil impact.
  6. Users must never take these mantras lightly or perform them without having faith in them.
The Bottom Line:
Considering the godly and holy powers of Hanuman, everyone should consider the Hanuman Mantra to remove black magic very seriously. They must never be casual or less serious about their use. The must ensure that they should use the mantra only when they need it badly to protect against enemies and other obstacles.
Considering this, they can achieve success in defeating bad luck always. Above all, the mantras must get the right respect from the users. To tell the truth, this is one thing that guarantees success to every Hanuman mantra to remove black magic and obstacles from their life.

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