Thursday, 26 October 2017

Indian Black Magic

Magic is of two type White magic and Black magic. White magic is done for good intention but Black magic is done for wrong intention. Here we explain the Black magic. In India black magic is also called the kala jaadu. First we explain the meaning of black magic. A black magic is a kind of magical art which has involvement of supernatural power for the evil purposes. In India people was very superstitious they easily believe in evil spirits or other things and they spent lot of money on ojhas and taantrik to get the solution of problems by black magic. With the help of black magic we can control the other with the help of Vashikaran black magic and use for taking the revenge with other etc.

Indian Black Magic Mantra

As we know the people of India is very superstitious especially the people in rural area was strongly believe in black magic. They believe that if there was any problem in their home regarding to health and money may be it would be because of some evil spirits. So in that case they would go to tantric for their solution. Taantrik use some black magic mantra to find out the solution of the problem. Mantras are basically a collection of strong word which is made up of some devotional world. For ex:” Mahasati Mahamari Jakhhai Ghe Pind Uttar Drashti, Jaav Paanyaany Sab Dosh Hum Hum Fatt” It is a one of the example of mantra which is used in Indian black magic culture it mean O goddess sati please take all of my problem and please take me out from these problems. Like this there is thousand of black magic mantras are used by taantrik to solve the problem of peoples.

Indian Black Magic Spells

Indian black magic spells are same as Indian mantra. These spells are used to prevent the people from the unwanted spiritual power or to protect from the evil spirit. Some times evil spirits can harm us so there are some experts who provide some useful spells which can be used to get rid of these evil spirits These spells are of different types like love spells related with love and affair and money spells related to money etc. By using these Indian black magic spells people can get the answer of the question regarding that matter. These spells not only protect from the outside influence activity but these spells bring love, money, health etc.

Indian Black Magic Rituals

There are various ways in which Indian black magic rituals can be done. These rituals can be done by expert like aghori, taantrik etc. Aghories are done black magic rituals basically in cemeteries in late night by cover their whole body with the ashes of dead body. Sometime they complete their rituals over the body of dead people. Taantrik basically done their rituals by making doll and circle of power in lonely places because spirits is comfortable with this kind of places they called the spirits by word power or some spells. These black magic rituals are to be done only in the advice of experts and should be done only with good intention.

Indian Black Magic in Hindi

We called black magic is jadu tona in Hindi. As we know our mother language is Hindi more than half population of India is called black magic as jadu tona. There are various people who believe in that kind of activity so there are some aghori or taantrik which is solve the problem of these people in their own language they use black magic in Hindi. Most of the mantras and spells of black magic were written in local language so the people can easily understand these mantras and rituals. Indian black magic in Hindi art is now widely used in all over world.

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