Thursday, 26 October 2017

7 Places in India Where Black Magic

No matter how educated you are, the sight of lemon, chillies and vermillion in public places still arouses superstitious beliefs in you. The practice is age-old and the victims ardent believers. People are killed and looted in the name of black magic and there are hardly any laws to deal with it.
It is not just the rural areas that are affected, several towns and cities in the country are equally victimized. Sorcery, black magic or witchcraft, whatever you call it- the intent is always evil. Personal enmities, relationships and health are the main concerns that make people seek help of these self-proclaimed babas. Many a times, these babas exploit the vulnerability of people for immoral reasons, inclduing sex and money.
We have compiled a list of places in India where black magic is being practiced blatantly and people are being exploited in the hope of offering solutions to their long-term problems.

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